Magaly Medina blocks the user and denies being the “protector” of María Pía: “You should take care of each of your words” show business photo | SHOWS

MAKES IT CLEAR! Magaly Medina shared a video with Maria Pia Copello, with whom the TV host is known to maintain a friendship; However, a user hinted that the “magpie” was a kind of protector with her friend.

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Given this, the driver of Magaly TV: The Firm He did not hesitate to respond to the person and remark that he should take care of what he says.

You should watch your every word, seems to tell lies as if they were truth, is your daily bread. Care!”, Indian.

Magaly Medina

Magaly Medina warns that people attack through fake accounts

In another of the responses, Magaly Medina hinted that many people create false rumors to affect the honor of others and hide behind fake accounts.

“Many people attack from fake accounts in order to get rid of the legal actions that could be brought against them,” he said.