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After Pamela Franco pointed out that she did not agree with the public confession she made Christian Domínguez About the end of her relationship with Isabel Acevedo, Magaly Medina criticized the cumbia singer, considering that it is not convenient for people to talk about the beginning of her relationship with “Wachiman”.

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This has also affected her. Pamela is not interested in being reminded of those moments because she is not interested in people digging into them. It is not that she is conciliatory or good people, it is because she does not want anyone to remember the moments of how their relationship began”, criticized the ‘Magpie’.

The show host also referred to the frequent statements by the vocalist of the “Puro Sentimiento” orchestra, in which she makes it clear that she does not put her hands on the fire for her daughter’s father.

“She has been declaring for a long time that she is prepared so that, at any moment, if Christian Domínguez fails her or disappoints her, she gives way. It’s like she’s already made for future painhe added.

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Pamela Franco felt uncomfortable after Christian Domínguez’s confession

During his presentation on the program “On everyone’s lips”the artist acknowledged that she does not agree with the statements of the cumbiambero, who revealed the reason that caused the end of her relationship with “Chabelita”.

He did not make the comment, but instead responded to a question. I think he should have handled it differently because it is no longer relevant. At the time, I even told him that if he had something to tell, let him tell it. Now years have passed, my daughter is involved and I think that these issues, not even with tweezers, should be dealt with “narrowed down

Pamela Franco cries on TV

Pamela Franco could not hold back her tears in the middle of the “En Boca de Todos” program when she remembered the promise she made to her deceased mother about her struggle as a woman. The singer argued that her happiness does not revolve around Christian Domínguez.

Despite Christian, he knows that I love him with all my heart, I value everything, and I know what he is, but my happiness does not revolve around Christian… I love myself very much and I love my daughter, my family because we are building a family. So, the world does not end, I have it very clear, but I am happy and for my part I am an imperfect person, who has it very clear “he highlighted.

The specialist in couples therapy, Tomás Angulo, made it clear to Pamela Franco that “in theory what he says looks very good”, but “in practice it is more difficult”. This caused the singer to cry live when remembering her mother.

The day my mom passed away was for me to be reborn and that day I promised her that I was going to be a new person and a strong woman. I have a beautiful daughter and for whom to fight. I don’t cry of sadness because I’m happy… I was the only person who put his hands in the fire, and with that I am not saying that Christian is a bad person, it is my mother. And so it will be and good in my daughter nowended.


Pamela Franco: “My happiness does not revolve around Christian Domínguez”

Pamela Franco: “My happiness does not revolve around Christian”