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Magic Arena: The Planeswalkers War Chronicles event begins on May 28 – News

In open beta since last September, Magic The Gathering: Arena will soon be the scene of a free event spanning several weeks. The key: exclusive cosmetic rewards.

With the "Planeswalkers War Chronicles" event, Wizards of the Coast will introduce players to five key moments in Magic's history. Each event will have a specific game format and will earn exclusive cosmetic enhancements to Planeswalkers cards (stained glass effect). The schedule is as follows:

Week 1

May 23 to 31

  • Event Name: Part I: Ravnica at war
    • Format: Momir (this game format using the "Momir" avatar allows you to pay X and eliminate a card from your hand to create a random creature with converted mana cost of X, but only as a ritual and a single times per turn). Momir is also a special deck of 96 cards including every Planeswalker belonging to The Planeswalkers War.

Week 2

May 31 to June 7

  • Event Name: Part II: No loophole
    • Format: Pauper (Pauper is a game format in which all used cards must have been printed to common rarity in an extension of Magic.Other than that, the usual rules for built decks apply)

Week 3

From June 7th to June 14th

  • Event Name: Part III: Storming the Citadel
    • Format: Singleton (Singleton, also known as highlander, is a variant of format built in which each deck must be limited to a single copy of a given map, excluding base terrain).

Week 4

From June 14 to June 21

  • Event Name: Part IV: Beginning of the Settlement
    • Format: Counters (include an emblem adding an extra + 1 / + 1 counter to those who already have one, an additional loyalty marker to Planeswalkers, and Collect 1).

Week 5

From June 21st to June 28th

  • Event Name: Part V: Gideon's Sacrifice
    • Format: The obstruction of Ravnica (game performed with the Ravnica block cards).
Magic Arena: The Planeswalkers War Chronicles event begins May 28

Magic Arena can be downloaded for free on its own official site.

Magic Arena: the expansion of War of the Spark offers a trailer

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