Magnus Carlsen and vibrating anal beads

The chess world trembled at the mention of anal pearls.

Since 2013, Magnus Carlsen has been the biggest star and sole ruler of the chess world. So it was a huge surprise when the Norwegian world champion was unexpectedly defeated by a 19-year-old American grandmaster at the Saint Louis Chess Club’s $350,000 Sinquefield Cup at the beginning of the month. Hans Moke Niemann, whose Live score was the lowest in the field, also won with Carlsen starting with white, which statistically gives the world champion an advantage.

After the clash that broke his incredible 53-game unbeaten streak in classical chess, Carlsen on Twitter announced, that – for the first time in his career – he withdraws from the tournament. He accompanied the post with a video of infamous football coach José Mourinho saying: “If I talk, I’ll get in big trouble.”

Niemann – who in the last 20 months has been ranked approx. From 800th place, he rose spectacularly quickly to the top 50 – he responded by saying that “chess speaks for itself”. He said: “I think he’s demoralized because he lost to an idiot like me. It must be embarrassing for the world champion to lose to me. I feel sorry for him.” He probably called himself an idiot because of his ravings:

The 19-year-old chess player said that Carlsen is trying to destroy his career, but he is willing to stand against him naked if necessary. He admitted that he had cheated twice before, once at the age of 12 and once at the age of 16, but never at a board game.

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After what happened, Niemann was banned from the world’s largest chess platform,, and was not invited to the portal’s $1 million prize pool, the Global Championship.

Hans Niemann in December 2021 in Warsaw.

Fotó: Quentin Bassetti / Hans Lucas via Reuters

Outright allegations of cheating in the world of chess are rare and difficult to prove, although the online game has seen several cheating scandals in the last couple of years. But in chess, which is played not on a computer, but on a real board, cheating is much more difficult and is considered a much more serious crime.

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