Magyar became the best short film at one of the largest animation film festivals in the world

Balázs Turai Amok became the best short film at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, perhaps one of the biggest events in its category in the world; this year, more than 13,000 accredited guests attended the event in France, wrote.

In addition to the recognition, the award also means that Turai’s film automatically qualifies for an Oscar nomination.

We wrote about Amok in our article presenting the Hungarian Fresh Meat Film Festival:

Not everyone may have an evil, anarchist, elf that destroys everything around them, but in the protagonist of Amok, his life is bitterly and so impossibly bitter that in the first minutes, at the moment of the girl’s request, he burns coal. From here, he gets up excruciatingly, but he also has to learn to deal with the evil elf. Balázs Turai’s (Fall of Rome, Oligarchy) film is colorful, psychedelic, and when we think it will be scary and self-serving to the end, it really shows what it’s all about.

And for the movie trailer you can watch it here:

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