Mahfud Says Indonesia Was Underestimated by China when Megawati Invites Cooperation


Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md said that Indonesia was underestimated when the 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia Megawati Sukarnoputri invited China to cooperate. At that time, Megawati was also asked what China owned by Indonesia to dare to invite cooperation.

“Indonesia is very rich. One day, the President of Indonesia, Mrs. Megawati, visited China when she was president, to China. The President of the PRC was asked if Indonesia wanted to cooperate with the PRC, what did Indonesia have. In Indonesian, how dare it? How dare you invite cooperation, what do you have,” said Mahfud in Pulau Laut District, Natuna, Thursday (25/11/2021).

Mahfud said that at that time Megawati answered well, that Indonesia had all the natural resources. Starting from the forest, the sea, to geothermal energy.

“Ms Mega’s answer is good, we feel we all have it, try asking what do you think we don’t have, we all have, geothermal which is now a business object. We have gold, we have the sea, we have forests, what we don’t have, what kind of cooperation do we have? Come on, because we are rich,” he said.

Mahfud said Indonesia’s natural wealth just needs to be managed properly. Because according to him, if natural wealth management is carried out properly, it will foster a sense of nationalism in the community.

“Therefore, it’s just a matter of managing it, because if we manage it well, the government is careful, professional, the people are serious, then these people will progress. And that progress will also foster a sense of nationalism,” he said.

Mahfud further conveyed that the sense of nationalism could thin out if the government was negligent and the people were neglected. Mahfud said that if this happened, it could potentially be seized by other countries.

“Because for example, if the government is negligent, then the people are neglected, sometimes the sense of nationalism runs low, why do you live like this. Then it is used by outsiders, paid to sell natural resources secretly, looting and various things happen. we mean everything, then we will be prosperous,” he added.

Mahfud as the Chief Steering Officer of the National Border Management Agency (BNPP) and Tito as the Head of BNPP during his visit to Pulau Laut, Natuna also provided assistance in the form of a mobile health center (pusling) ship to the Pulau Laut Health Center. The assistance came from the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) which is part of the BNPP member which was handed over symbolically.

Mahfud and Tito also watched the vaccination process that was going on there. After that, they headed to Pulau Laut District to check on the Indonesian Movement for Administrative Awareness (GISA)

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