Maid to friend Faltýnek: The owner of the restaurant is defending Prymula ?!

The meeting in the “closed” restaurant in Prague’s Vyšehrad has another explanation. The night tram of the then Minister of Health Roman Prymula (56, for YES), who was revealed by Blesk, is now trying to defend the owner of the company. Raimund Špunda (69), who was still silent, wrote a letter to the Vyšehrad Chapter.

The owner had to explain everything, probably because the chapter is considering ending the lease of space. “On Wednesday evening, October 21, 2020, I was asked by my long-time good friend Jaroslav Faltynek, whether I could provide him with a private non-public space for the purpose of dealing with other people, “wrote Špunda. He sees no problem in satisfying YES to the ex-deputy.

Resignation of Jaroslav Faltýn to the post of 1st Vice-Chairman of the YES movement

“Because I do not see Mr Faltínek as a general public, but as a friend of mine, I was happy to comply with his request and provide him with this friendly and gratuitous help,” he explained. He allegedly warned him that the restaurant must be closed and therefore he will not be able to provide them with service. But he himself does not know what it was about. Spund is now facing not only a termination notice, but also a fine for violating government measures.

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