Maine-et-Loire. 31 driver’s licenses were withdrawn in a weekend


The gendarmes of Maine-et-Loire were not idle last weekend. They were present on the roads of the department for targeted controls. 91 speeding were found
“Productive” weekend for the gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron of Maine-et-Loire. Sadly… Ten immediate retentions These were on the roads of the department, from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening, for controlled targeted at the main accidents. Like speed, alcohol or narcotics. And the least we can say is that they have not been idle. Q UATRE – twenty – eleven speeding was noted, ten of which resulted in immediate retention of the driving license. Checks at the exit of free partys In the evening of Saturday, the gendarmes were also present at the exit of two free parties organized in Chanteloup-les-Bois and Roussay. Appraisal: twenty one offenses for driving under the influence of an alcoholic state and thirteen for driving after the use of narcotics were noted.

In total, over the weekend, thirty-one drivers saw their driver’s license withdrawn. A motorist will also have to appear before the Criminal Court of Saumur, after having multiplied the crimes. 134 km / h instead of 80 Friday afternoon, in Cernusson, he was intercepted by a motorcycle patrol of the station of Vivy, circulating at 134 km / h. Instead of … 80. Aged 28 and from Indre-et-Loire, he was checked with an alcohol content of 0.61 mg / l of expired air and a probationary license canceled … for lack of points .


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