Mainfranken: That’s how expensive the vaccination centers are in…

The demand for corona vaccinations has fallen significantly in recent months – also in our region. Nevertheless, the vaccination centers in Mainfranken are currently still open – albeit with shorter opening hours, fewer staff or adapted premises.

After all, the government wants to be prepared for a possible corona wave in autumn and winter. Then the demand for vaccinations could increase rapidly again – and you don’t have to pound vaccination centers out of the ground again in a very short time.

The costs for operating the Main Franconian vaccination centers are currently more than 460,000 euros per month – for example for rent, electricity, cleaning, administration and security personnel. The health authorities announced this on request.

For comparison: In June, around 1,300 vaccinations were carried out in the regional vaccination centers. A vaccination costs about 350 euros on average.

The operating costs at a glance

In the Würzburg area, the monthly costs for operating the two vaccination centers in the post office building and in Giebelstadt total around 230,000 euros. About 640 vaccinations were carried out here in June.

The Main-Spessart vaccination center currently costs around 156,000 euros a month. There were almost 480 vaccinations here last month.

In the Kitzinger vaccination center it is currently around 76,500 euros per month. Almost 200 vaccinations were carried out here in June.