Mainfranken: These MPs represent the region in …

In future, seven politicians from Main Franconia will represent the region in the Bundestag. As in previous years, the CSU won three direct mandates: Paul Lehrieder for Würzburg, Anja Weisgerber for Schweinfurt-Kitzingen and Alexander Hoffmann for Main-Spessart / Miltenberg.

Markus Hümpfer from the SPD for Schweinfurt is new in Berlin. He has secured a place on the state list. SPD member Bernd Rützel also did it again for Main-Spessart. In addition, Andrew Ullmann from the FDP is moving back to the Bundestag for Würzburg. There are personnel changes on the left. Klaus Ernst for Schweinfurt retains his seat in the Bundestag. It was not enough for his party member from Würzburg, Simone Barrientos. She has to vacate her place in Berlin.

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