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Maio at the corner for the Tap pipeline

Rome, 28 October 2018 – Luigi Di Maio "did not know". "I did not know what about the Tap there were some penalties to be paid – he argues – I discovered him once he became a minister. "But the inner fretboard is hard to argue about and isolates it.Tap is becoming the soap bar on which the leadership of the starred deputy slides, ruinously down, in videos posted on social media and spread in the chat by the No Tap you see activists who snatch the election cards and throw them to shreds as if they were confetti. "You will no longer have our vote!", writes a woman referring to the M5S So after the revolt of the grillina base in Puglia , yesterday Di Maio, visiting Sicily, tried to get out of the corner where he finished after the government's yes to the gas pipeline that will bring the gas from Azerbaijan to Puglia. "I can assure you that it is not easy to say that there they are penalties for almost 20 billion – he explained – but this is so, otherwise we would have acted differently ".

Apologies that have not been digested by five-star Puglian MPs, Senators Lello Ciampolillo and Saverio De Bonis and MEP Sara Cunial, who in turn have attacked the leader and Prime Minister Conte: "There can be no penalties – they have replicated – simply because there is no contract between State and Tap ". As also confirmed by the former minister Calenda ("It's not true, mind"), this morning the No Tap will meet on the waterfront of San Foca, right in front of the Tower symbol of the battles of the Movement and close to the point of arrival of the infrastructure, to call for a "general mobilization against the Conte government".

La Tap, then. The latest in a series of issues from which the political leadership of Di Maio comes out on his knees, while another 'carelessness' emerges on the foreign tax shield, which was always discovered in great delay but on which, he swears, "we will make changes in Parliament". We only lacked this. After the amnesty of Ischia, and the tax, even on the Tav the mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, has made it clear to not want to follow the "turnaround" of the government on the subject, not to mention the last grain exploded the other day in Parliament, when the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Chamber, the historic grill Carla Ruocco, close to Roberto Fico, and the powerful senator Elio Lannutti, opened the frond claiming that the maneuver not only includes the many promises made in the election campaign by the grillini, but the same founding principles. In addition to impallinare the tax decree wanted by the League.

As happened, on the other hand, when Senator Gregorio De Falco, together with Paola Nugnes and Elena Fattori, said a "no" to some of the rules contained in the security decree, refusing to withdraw the amendments aimed at distorting the provision desired by Salvini. An encirclementin short, around Di Maio, for which it seems every day more complicated to reconcile the responsibilities of government with the points of the grill program. Alessandro Di Battista also ends up in the crosshairs, who many would like to see Di Maio happen soon, but who on Tap said: "With M5S in government this work will not be done in two weeks". Now the No Tap Movement wants even to let all the representatives of the M5S elected in Salento be dismissed thanks to the anti-pipeline protest votes, while the possible condemnation of the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi for forgery looms, a sentence that would almost be the coup de grace a leader like Di Maio, ever more lonely and increasingly fragile.


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