"Maischberger": GroKo will hold, "because the parties are afraid of new elections"


ZAccording to its own mid-term review, Groko has already implemented or initiated a third of all promises so far. There is still a need for action in the area of ​​climate protection law, broadband expansion and the law on the elimination of coal.

Climate protection activist Carola Rackete calls for a waiver of air travel and financial penalties for companies if they do not do climate protection.

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Union and SPD still want to drag themselves through the legislature despite all the problems

Two topics that would easily have filled a show – but Maischberger thought it necessary to discuss even over the crisis of Bayern. The club had dismissed last Sunday's coach Nico Kovac.

Guests included Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD), Sea Watch captain and climate activist Carola Rackete, FDP General Secretary Linda Teuteberg, TV presenter Johannes B. Kerner, WELT publisher Stefan Aust and entrepreneur Dirk Rossmann.

Visiting Sandra Maischberger (from left): Johannes B. Kerner, Carola Rackete, Stefan Aust, Linda Teuteberg, Dirk Rossmann

Visiting Sandra Maischberger (from left): Johannes B. Kerner, Carola Rackete, Stefan Aust, Linda Teuteberg, Dirk Rossmann

Excitement of the evening

Why in the current political debate on climate protection, land rent and GroKo also Bayern plays a role, some users in the network could not understand. As Ortrud Kohlbacher writes on the Facebook page of the show with sarcastic undertone: "Bayern has dismissed his coach. The world is going to break … and I thought all the time it would be global warming … how to be fooled. "

User Holger Schenk writes what most of the audience thought this evening: "The Bavarians really do not care! Probably more important in this our country. "

But Johannes B. Kerner considers this topic very relevant. Not only the coach is the problem. Also the ambiguous relationship between Hoeness and Rumenigge. A new coach, Kerner is convinced, does not solve the problem.

Unity of the evening

Dirk Rossmann, Stefan Aust and Johannes B. Kerner agree: GroKo does its job, but it's enough. "It's a bad sign when you grade yourself. Actually, the voters must rate the politicians and not the politicians themselves, "says Rossmann.

Johannes B. Kerner agrees: He thinks it's good, what the GoKo has done so far, but the "performance" is bad. The image of the federal government, in which the governing parties are constantly criticizing, annoys the voters.

Hubertus Heil, himself a member of the Federal Government, sees the same. The discussions between the Union and the SPD "are constantly revolving around themselves and not about the problems of the people."

That is also because – in his opinion – good SPD politicians like Sigmar Gabriel or Andrea Nahles are no longer in politics. "I think we've lost too many people in the last few years. Needlessly "

Nevertheless, Stefan Aust believes in a second half of GroKo, "because the parties are afraid of new elections."

Ausweicher of the evening

Hubertus Heil is convinced that the Grand Coalition will agree on a concept of ground rent this coming Sunday. This provides, people who have worked 35 years and in the end not more than 835 euros per month to give in the future 900 euros. And when it comes to salvation, even without a means test.

Sandra Maischberger asks him a total of three times whether a dentist's wife, who has worked a little bit for 35 years, will receive a basic pension. Hubertus Heil evades every time.

There must be an allowance, the amount of which then decides who is entitled to the basic pension or not. This then works again as a kind of means test, which salvation would contradict itself.

So quite the dentist's wives are not yet excluded from the basic pension. Anyway, Heil says nothing in the program that contradicts that.

Call of the evening

For climate activist Carola Rackete, companies bear the brunt of the climate crisis: "A company that destroys environmental systems that destroy the climate ultimately causes people to lose their livelihood."

As an example, she calls the American oil company Exxon. He knew since 1968 that his business model is harmful to the climate, and still held on to it.

This contradicts FDP Secretary General Linda Teuteberg. From their point of view, climate protection would only succeed if at the same time prosperity and living standards were ensured, which would only be possible through competition.

Dirk Rossman, the entrepreneur in the talk show, is not really on the side of Teuteberg. Instead, Maischberger gives him the opportunity to promote a gift campaign for six minutes without interruption.

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Combo wind power

He has – as Rossmann says – from private funds 25,000 copies of the book "We are the climate" of the American Jonathan Safran Foer bought. He wants to give them away on the website of his drugstore.

"Please do not hesitate to order this book from me", Rossmann turns to the audience. 25,000 climate protectors should be happy about it. And Mr. Rossmann is also happy about six minutes of free advertising for the book and his company.

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