Maison Emmanuelle Ajon will welcome Unaccompanied Minors

The Emmanuelle Ajon house will now welcome Unaccompanied Minors (unaccompanied minors). Inaugurated yesterday, the emergency shelter currently houses 24 young people.

The mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, as well as the president of the Gironde department, Jean-Luc-Gleyze, were present. If the house is called “Emmanuelle Ajon”, it is in tribute to the vice-president in charge of health promotion and child protection of the Department, who died in December 2020, very committed to the subject.

In 2016, she suggested to the Renovation association to organize support for young people from the Calais jungle. About fifteen young people had thus been accommodated at the Hourtin leisure center.

As described by the Department, Maison Emmanuelle Ajon takes care of young people immediately after the assessment of their minority, shortly after their arrival on French territory. The 12-week support focuses on two points:

  • the assessment of the young person’s needs, thanks to a precise methodology and health, educational, psychological and school assessments
  • the construction of a life and integration project: each of the actions carried out by the teams is designed in the interest of learning social codes, which will promote the integration of the young. Learning the French language, sports and cultural activities, mediation workshops, psychological support and mediation workshops punctuate the daily life of adolescents.

The Renovation association therefore manages the whole. It has developed a system called “Reception R”, which is available in three services, run by 50 professionals who support 88 young people on a daily basis. There is therefore the Maison Emmanuelle Ajon, but also an alternate that can accommodate 16 young people in shared apartments. Finally, there is a “resource center” which monitors and accommodates 48 young people in different housing units.

The Department finances the operation of the association to the tune of 3,394,321.

Among the young people living in Maison Emmanuelle Ajon, there is Ousmane, 17 years old. He expresses his gratitude for having been able to access this home: “I do not have the words, it goes straight to my heart. I had a really difficult journey … Now, I would like to be an electrician. Go back to school. , do a professional baccalaureate … to be able to integrate myself, to realize my dreams “.

Note that the host establishment is called “Maison Emmanuelle Ajon” and not “home” at the request of young people, who explain that the place has become “their real home”.