Maite, Movistar’s virtual legal assistant, already has her first client

“Maite was born to help people know their rights, to make the world more just. Maite will work alongside the lawyer to provide her legal services to end users. Maite will be in charge of performing routine legal tasks and answering simple inquiries. We are very happy because we offer the market what we use at Telefónica ”, he explains Juan Manuel Haddad, manager of regulation and competencies of Telefónica Argentina, on the beginnings of digitization at Telefónica.

The virtual legal assistant Maite is a reference in Latin America in LegalTech developments and it is a unique case that a legal department sells its internal developments.

“Maite, which incorporates sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, is a key tool for us, because first we are internal users of Maite for our legal investigations and to be able to provide quick responses to clients, and secondly as a service provider unit in the form autonomous to specific customers. A product like Maite does not exist in Paraguay. Being the “champion” is always a great advantage in a market, and especially in a small market like ours (compared to economies like Argentina, Brazil or Chile) “, he commented Diego Cuevas, from LinkLex.

Telefónica is leading the LegaltTech ecosystem in Argentina, being a reference in the implementation and dissemination of different legal innovation projects. Today, the company has digitized the response to the 7,000 court requests it receives monthly – going from a process of eleven steps to one of two – helping to speed up judicial investigations throughout the country.



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