The presiding judge of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, Maite Oronoz, defended this morning the increase in salary to the judges of the island who, according to her, "are the worst paid in all states and territories of the United States."

These expressions occur after the filing of a bill by request that would increase the salary of the members of the judiciary, including members of the Supreme Court.

"Adequate compensation is essential to retain and recruit the best talent in our Judiciary. Ensures an independent and robust judiciary, free from undue pressure. Therefore, the Judicial Branch will defend any measure that strengthens the Judiciary for the better functioning of the judicial system and the administration of justice, ”Oronoz established through a press release.

According to Senate Project 1444, Apart from the salary increase they would receive in 2020, they would benefit from an automatic wage increase of 2% every five years.

Oronoz defended the importance of the measure by indicating that the salary of the judges has not been revised for the past 15 years. He also stressed that these do not have Social Security benefits.

The project backed by the judge He maintains that the money required to comply with the increases will come out of the annual budget of the Judicial Branch, however, the measure does not include an estimate of how much that fiscal impact would be.

For example, the salary of the judge or presiding judge of the Supreme would experience an increase of $ 58,000, thus raising his compensation from $ 125.00 to $ 183,000. The salary of the other associate judges of the highest judicial forum would increase by $ 53,000 to earn $ 173,000 instead of $ 120,000.

Meanwhile, the judges of the Court of Appeals would earn $ 145,000, the top judges $ 120,000 and the municipal judges $ 90,000 annually.


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