Majdi Badran explains the importance of intermittent fasting

Majdi Badran explains the importance of intermittent fasting

– Details of this article Majdi Badran explains the importance of intermittent fasting A member of the Egyptian Association of Allergy and Immunology and pediatric consultant Dr. Magdy Badran said that intermittent fasting protects against diseases associated with aging. “There are about 100,000 people dying every day around the world because of age-related diseases, and there must be a new lifestyle Ramadan, and after the multiplicity of diseases and the emergence of new diseases, and low quality of life for many people, and became a human in need of a new lifestyle, and what we need after success in the school of fasting to continue a new lifestyle after Ramadan.

“Intermittent fasting is fasting once or twice a week. Intermittent fasting is more beneficial to human health than living on a diet,” he said in an exclusive interview with Lifestyle. “The fact that rats are fed daily makes them more resistant to diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Compared to the total number of mice that eat or eat low-calorie foods. The benefits of intermittent fasting include increased antioxidants in the body, reduced free radicals, oxidative stress, longevity, and maintenance of genetic codes by maintaining the telomer length that protects the genetic codes from loss, decreases age with oxidative stress and low antioxidants in the body, helps To reduce fat and this also reduces the toxins and chemistry of inflammation and oxidative stress, and low levels of triglycerides. He said: “A better periodic system, and the adjustment of metabolism for the better to promote public health, and low blood sugar level, which facilitates the burning of excess fat and the result of increased effectiveness of insulin, and increase the production of growth hormone and its effectiveness, which benefits muscle and bone fat burning, It helps to improve sleep function, improve memory and concentration, and lack of human growth hormones can lead to many symptoms including poor quality of life, Anxiety, laziness, exhaustion, fatigue, and isolation And adults who are deficient in growth hormone often have higher rates of depression, proteins that keep their nerves intact. The living animals secrete important molecules called neurotrophins, proteins, maintain nerve and cell integrity, increase nerve resistance to stress and Damage, protect the brain from damage, and promote nerve function. The brain, which secures a discontinuous diet, produces a type of neurotrophin that has a great month that increases the ability to learn and memory, and protects the brain from damage. Born mice deprived of this valuable protein die for its most important growth and development of nerves, and there is a relationship between the low level of this protein and the incidence of depression and memory loss. And helps to reduce the incidence of cancers, and newly proved that intermittent fasting protects against cancer. It provides the body with the ability to get rid of environmental pollutants carcinogenic to infiltrate into the body, especially with low-calorie meals, taking care not to cause malnutrition, low tumor growth, low tumor feeding, increased suicide of cancer cells, Growth factors that activate tumors, and the activation of a special protein increases the destruction of tumor cells only without attacking the body’s healthy cells, and activate self-impotence, and reduce the chemistry of inflammation, which often benefit cancer cells. We thank you to visit our website today and if you have any questions regarding this news Magdy Badran explains the importance of intermittent fasting Please let us know or leave a comment below
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