Majka is retiring, disappearing from the stage and from TV shows, what could be in the background?

TV2’s host, Majka, has announced that he will stop playing music for a while and will not take on TV shows. He wants to deal with something completely different. The big question is what might be behind your decision.

His fellow musician is also retiring

Majka’s fellow musician, Curtis, recently unexpectedly announced he would retire indefinitely and disappear from the stage. There was a lot of chaos, especially around canceling the concerts, but even the rapper’s friends blinked at what was going on, as they had no idea anything. You can access the latest news of BudaPestkö by clicking here.

It won’t be on TV either

Well, it seems that his stage partner, Majka, also saw the time had come to take a longer vacation: he told Story magazine that he didn’t want to take the stage for a while and we couldn’t even see it on TV.

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Drug withdrawal?

Earlier, Majka publicly criticized Curtis for his drug use, so it is conceivable that there is actually a drug withdrawal behind the big retreat and they will not perform anywhere until Curtis is there.

It has been announced for 3 years that it is over

Three years ago, at the SZIN festival in Szeged, Majka announced after the first issue of his evening concert that he would no longer work with Curtis. Referring to his partner’s drug problems, Majka ends his many years of working with Curtis.

He wanted to persuade him to withdraw

In a post at the time, Majka put it this way: “I lost one of my best friends, my partner, and even one of my family members. He took from me the thing I hate more than anything on this earth: drugs! – Majka also adds that for 5 years she tried to get Curtis up on a good path with good words and not nice words, but to no avail.

Majka and Curtis


He put down the lute

Majka didn’t comment on drugs now, she just said she had finished making music for a while, put the lute down at the end of September, and now she doesn’t want to do anything.

He enjoys the rest

“I pulled everything out of my life, I want to be with my family, vacation, play cards, train, enjoy the rest. I don’t itch that I’m not in the spotlight. ” Majka said.

It will not be on screen

The celeb added, “I also took up the job of television just because of the precarious situation, I didn’t know what restrictions would be in place, but I’m sure I won’t be on screen next year. I couldn’t offer something I would undertake, ”said the TV living on Fót. You can access the latest news of BudaPestkö by clicking here.

Featured image: Majka – Source: Youtube / Respect4All