Majka showed the panel in which they lived in Ozd

He also talked about his father working a lot for them.

Till Attila Propaganda is the last protagonist of his show Mother was the one with whom they visited Ozd. The rapper showed here where they lived as a child, and specifically the viewers could see the panel. With regard to his family, he said they did not live in wealth, but they never had to fear starvation.

My father was a Puritan man in that respect, I don’t really think he earned well or badly. We belonged to the lower class of the middle class. There was never a deprivation, so we had no problem with nothing to eat. We had a pair of shoes that we wore, inherited from each other, and dressed in fur.

Majka spoke about Ózd:

When I was first when we were told to go to Tuscany because of how beautiful it was, I went and said, well, I grew up in a place like this

Majka pointed to the wooded area around Ózd.