“Major Crimes”: end of the game for the police series of “France 2”

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Major Crime Squad is on deck again. Commander Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) – she had succeeded the wonderful Brenda Lee Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick) in 2012 – Lieutenants Provenza (GW Bailey), Flynn (Anthony Denison) and Tao (Michael Paul Chen), among others, resume service for a final season, after, for those who were already in the cast of The Closer, nearly fifteen years of fighting crime. It consists of thirteen episodes, three major investigations each running over four or five parts, the usual feuilleting background and the relentless pursuit of Philip Strow, whose atrocities have also been followed since The Closer.

A remarkable ending for the super-villain

Many series have a super-villain acting as a semiconductor wire, justifying the presence of certain characters and offering himself here and there a very noticeable reappearance – for example John Le Rouge in Mentalist or Pavel in More beautiful life -. These need a remarkable ending, worthy of their crimes, which creator James Duff seems determined to give. However, this goes further by carrying out the last three major surveys built on all kinds of current societal issues – sexual harassment, homophobia, impunity of the dominant white race, racism, political management of the issue of migrants, women’s rights, carrying a weapon… – and sacrificing some beautiful characters. We will not reveal which one …

“Major Crimes” at 9:05 pm on “France 2”


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