Major raid against drug gang with 30 arrests –

More than 700 police officers took action against a professional drug gang in Hesse. This was confirmed to us by the police in Offenbach. The investigators are targeting 30 suspects who are said to have traded hundreds of kilos of drugs. The investigation has been going on for over a year.

During the large-scale raid, 30 suspects were provisionally arrested.

Searches in Offenbach, Frankfurt and Höchst in the Odenwald

Arrest warrants had already been issued against ten men between the ages of 28 and 36 and a 32-year-old woman, police and prosecutors said. A total of 46 properties such as apartments, garages or commercial premises in the city and in the Offenbach district, in Frankfurt and in Höchst in the Odenwald were searched.

Two tons of cannabis smuggled?

There are around 450 criminal offenses, says a police spokesman for HIT RADIO FFH. Among other things, the suspects are said to have imported two tons of cannabis from Spain and traded 50 kilos of cocaine and several hundred kilos of amphetamine.

Over 16 million assets frozen

The criminal profits are said to have laundered some suspects. Assets of more than 16 million euros were blocked in order to skim off these possible profits, as the investigators announced. Among other things, five properties were arrested in whole or in part and three taxis were confiscated. They are said to have been used by the accused for courier trips.

Found two cannabis plantations and pounds of drugs

During the searches, 20 drug and money detection dogs were used. According to the police, a lot of evidence was seized. The officers found, among other things, ten kilos of amphetamine, two cannabis plantations, five kilos of cannabis, 800 grams of cocaine, seven firearms and cash in the high five-digit range and luxury items.

Investigations for more than a year

According to the public prosecutor’s office and the police, the investigations into the alleged gang have been ongoing for more than a year. They were based on decrypted communication data from various telecommunications providers.