Major signs indicate weak heart

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The specialist indicates that for anyone who has these signs, see a doctor immediately – because ignoring them may result in death.

Shortness of breath – In order to distinguish satisfactory respiratory distress, the body’s reaction to physical exertion must be monitored over a certain period of time. A person who does not have heart problems and exercises regularly, increases his tolerance to physical effort gradually, and says, “This process will go slowly for the person with heart problems. Indeed, his health condition may worsen. If his tolerance for physical effort drops sharply, without reason Obviously, he should see a doctor. “

Feeling of permanent chest tightness – the specialist says, “Feeling of burning and discomfort when walking fast or exposure to cold winter air, and feeling pressure in the chest area in the morning, all are signs that the blood vessels of the heart are blocked by cholesterol. This means that a stroke and heart attack are about Occurrence”.

Increased heartbeat – The doctor notes that more than 90 beats per minute in a state of relaxation indicates a heart rhythm disorder. There are different forms of palpitations, but not all of them require treatment. Therefore, comprehensive examinations must be conducted by a cardiologist to determine the cause of palpitations.

Legs and feet swelling in the evening – the doctor notes, that this swelling does not go away during the night, as a rule this causes an increase in weight by 800-1000 grams per day. “This increases shortness of breath at less physical activity, increases the size of the abdomen, and pain appears on the right side below the ribs due to the increase in the size of the liver, decreased appetite and debility develops,” she says.

Sleep disturbance – A person usually sleeps with his head higher than his legs. And the doctor points out that the person who sleeps with his head on 3-4 pillows (a half-sitting position), this indicates 100% of the weakness of his heart.

“Since the heart is barely functioning and within its means, the blood is not pumped through the kidneys, as a result of which fluid remains in the body. The pressure decreases and the heart rhythm accelerates (90 accuracy and more per minute), and signs of weakening of the heart muscle appear: a tumor of the feet, pooling Abdominal water, enlarged liver, fluid buildup in the lungs and shortness of breath, which worsens if lying down.



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