Make it worse!Van Dijk’s stand-in injured Liverpool centre-back has no one available_Binho

Original title: Even worse!Van Dijk’s substitute is injured, Liverpool centre-back is no longer available

Although Liverpool beat China Jutland 2-0 at home and won two consecutive Champions League group matches, the coach Klopp and the Red Army fans are not happy because Fabinho is injured, which also means that the position of the central defender is trapped. Huang, with Van Dijk and Matip both injured, Uncle Zha has no one to use.

A week ago in the Merseyside Derby, Liverpool drew with Everton 2-2 away. This game cost the Reds a high price. Van Dijk was shoveled by Toffee goalkeeper Pickford and the Dutch centre-back crossed. The ligament is ruptured and it is expected to be reimbursed for the season. At the same time, Thiago also suffered Richard Lison’s pedaling, which directly caused the two players to miss the past three games of the Reds. This summer, after Liverpool sent Lovren away, he did not find a substitute for him. Only three genuine central defenders, including Van Dijk, Gomez and Matip, remained in the first team. With Van Dijk injured, Matip has not yet After recovering from injury, Liverpool coach Klopp could only make Fabinho a cameo, replacing Van Dijk, and partnering Gomez temporarily with a central defender.

The position of the central defender is already stretched, but Fabinho is down again! Tonight defeated China and Jutland 2-0 at home. Fabinho was injured in the 28th minute without confrontation in the starter. Then he collapsed on the court. After emergency treatment by the team doctor, coach Klopp listened to the team doctor’s advice. After the opinion, the Brazilian star was replaced, and the 19-year-old youth player Reese Williams played for him. This was also the first Champions League match of his career. In the subsequent game, Gomez’s partner Reese Williams finished the game in a muddle manner. It should be pointed out that this pair of central defenders made Liverpool fans shocked. China and Jutland almost equalized the score before the end of the game.

Fabinho’s injury has made Liverpool worse. If Matip is unable to play in the near future, then the coach Klopp is very likely to continue to use other first team players as the central defender. Before this, captain Henderson and Wijnaldum They have also played this position, but the defensive ability is definitely not as good as Fabinho, and Van Dijk has the difference between heaven and underground. For Liverpool, the Premier League this weekend is a severe test. The new centre-back combination will face the tough West Ham impact. Earlier, under the impact of West Ham, Manchester City’s defense was also fragmented. Antonio even completed a barbed goal in the Blue Moon penalty area, which eventually allowed Guardiola’s team to lose points. It should be pointed out that Liverpool is the worst defensive in the Premier League this season, conceding 14 goals in 6 league games, ranking first in the Premier League with Fulham at the bottom. Therefore, Liverpool can only ask for more blessings in the Premier League this weekend.

After the game, Liverpool coach Klopp talked about Fabinho’s injury. This is the last thing we need. I know he has a hamstring injury. This is not good news. He said that he could continue to insist, but he couldn’t sprint anymore. This did not help us. We will see how he is doing, and after the scan check, we will know more details. “Return to Sohu to see more


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