Make sm. Kaufland will also launch an application for self-service shopping

The Kaufland retail chain comes with a new application that allows you to self-store
| photo: Kaufland

Thanks to the new function, Kaufland customers can scan the new function themselves, put it in too and check in quickly at express checkouts.

K-Scan pin a lot of benefits. Customers, as they have a constant overview of the purchase price and do not have to spend the goods on the dog. The bonus is an automatically applied K-Card discount, described by Renata Maierl, Kaufland’s press releases.

Shopping with the app should make shopping easier and simpler. The application is very user-friendly and easy. Just click, the customer buys straight into the store and quickly checks for self-service checkout, adds Maierl.

Customers will download the Kaufland application to their mobile phones and create a digital K-Card. After running the application, the camera screen will open with a window for scanning the computer.

At the self-service cash register, they will then find the key to scan to start the payment process. They can check their purchases in a digital cookie, in which the current number and subset of scanned items are displayed.

In the Kaufland mobile application, they can then create their own shopping list and, in addition to the current offer, flyer and recipe, they will find all the information about the Kaufland Card.

Through the classic K-Card, they can then see purchases and discounts on selected products, and through the digital version of the card, they can also collect points for each purchase in the application. You can use them within the loyalty programs or exchange them for purchases.

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In addition to the new application, customers can buy it several months at those selected stores in Prague Vypich and Podbaba, Kladno and Ostrava Vtkovick, even without a smartphone, using a runner scanner, which is available at the entrance to the store. It works in the same way as with the mobile application, and after paying the customer scanner, only the borehole at the cash register brand Run scanners will be available from stores in Brno’s Ponav and in Karlovy Vary.

Self-service shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the past, the help of the application introduced him to, for example, Tesco and Globus.