Make Tjahjo Angry, This is a New Cheating Mode for CPNS Selection


The new mode of CPNS test selection fraud is revealed. This also made the Minister of PAN-RB Tjahjo Kumolo furious, he asked the perpetrators to get a severe punishment.

The indications of fraud occurred in the selection of CPNS at the independent location of the Buol Regency Government agency, Central Sulawesi. Tjahjo asked that this case be investigated and resolved immediately according to the applicable law. According to him, the perpetrators should receive sanctions, even leading to criminal sanctions.

“This fraud case must be investigated and resolved immediately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If proven, the perpetrators must also receive the appropriate punishment,” said Tjahjo in his statement, Wednesday (27/10/2021).

As Chair of the Steering Team of the National Selection Committee (Panselnas) for the Procurement of CASN 2021, he appealed to all CPNS selection participants not to be tempted by the seduction of any party who claims to be able to help pass the selection.

“Build your career since entering the ASN with accountable behavior and uphold integrity,” said Tjahjo.

The new cheating mode is remote access. This mode allows someone who is in a different location to access the computer that the participant uses during the test. The person can then help the participant to complete the exam questions.