Maker Red Band and Venco build new factory in the Netherlands and close three | NOW

The maker of the candy brands Red Band and Venco is building a new factory somewhere in the Netherlands, but is closing three factories in the Netherlands and Belgium at the same time. The Swedish Cloetta, to which the brands belong, has announced this.

According to a spokesperson, it has not yet been determined where the new factory will be. The factories that are closing are located in Roosendaal in Brabant (two) and in Turnhout in Flanders (one).

“The new building and the proposed closure will affect 350 employees in the Netherlands and Belgium,” said Cloetta, which also makes Sportlife chewing gum, for example.

The new factory must be more sustainable and contemporary. “Obviously we have an eye for the impact this proposed decision could have on our employees who currently work at the three production sites in Turnhout and Roosendaal.”

The company says it wants to take as many people as possible to the new location. “In order to reduce the impact for them, but also to retain their knowledge and skills.”