Sports Making futures bets on teams is left to the...

Making futures bets on teams is left to the recreational gambler


Although the teams in this season’s Super Bowl have not even been determined, the odds of futures are already in Las Vegas for the 2021 NFL championship game.

The Rams entered the board with 25-1 at Caesars Palace and 30-1 at Westgate. The chargers have 30-1 at both points.

There is not much difference between 25-1 and 30-1. The first has a winning percentage equivalent to 3.8%, the last 3.2%. Remember, bookmakers build a universe greater than 100% in futures to create the advantage of your home.

The Rams and Chargers are expected to compete for the playoffs next season, but they are long shots to lift the Lombardi Trophy, pending staff development. The Chargers would get on the board if the talks about Tom Brady moving west prove to be true.

On top of the NFL 2020-21 board at Caesars: Kansas City 6-1 (14%), Baltimore 7-1 (12.5%), San Francisco 8-1 (11%), New Orleans 11-1 (8 %), New England 14-1 (7%), Pittsburgh 15-1 (6%).

In Westgate: Kansas City 7-1 (12.5%), San Francisco 8-1 (11%), Baltimore 8-1 (11%), New Orleans 10-1 (9%), New England 12-1 (8 %), Pittsburgh 12-1 (8%), Dallas 16-1 (6%).

If you are wondering how to calculate equivalent percentages of betting odds for your own use, simply divide the number to the right (denominator) by the sum of the two numbers. For odds of 25-1, 1 divided by 26 is .038, or 3.8%.

Those of you new to sports betting will find it helpful to map your expectations on a percentage basis. There is a 100% chance of someone winning the championship. Divide that 100% among the 32 teams. When comparing with betting markets, you will quickly recognize that few odds offer real value.

These proposals are mainly played by recreational punters who wish to support their favorite teams. It can be more fun for casual fans than betting on their favorite teams to cover point spreads every week. Professional punters pass or are very selective.

Fans will see great media coverage of futures prices and total earnings for the regular season in all sports soon. Bookmakers have realized that offering them early creates national and local advertising. Tourists visiting legal jurisdictions for March Madness can bet on their favorite soccer or baseball teams months in advance.

With that in mind …

– If you are a fan of college football, Caesars has USC 50-1 and UCLA 200-1 to win the national championship next season. Clemson is the 2-1 favorite, followed by Ohio State 9-2, Alabama 9-2 and LSU 6-1.

– The Dodgers are 7-1 at Caesars to win the 2020 World Series. That’s way ahead of other National League contenders: St. Louis 12/1, Atlanta 13-1, New York Mets 15-1, Washington 17-1 and Chicago Cubs 18-1.

The Angels are 20-1 to launch a parade in 2020, behind the American League behind the New York Yankees 7-2, Houston 6-1, Boston 18-1 and Minnesota 18/1.

– Caesars also has a total of regular season victories for all major leagues. With these accessories, you can bet more or less than the total published. The Dodgers rose to 99, which means that Over bettors need at least 100 wins to collect. The Angels are 85, which makes them wild cards. The risk is usually the 11-10 standard ($ 11 risk to win $ 10, or anything in that proportion) unless otherwise indicated.

– For the seasons in progress, Circa Sports in Las Vegas has the Clippers +145 in the money line to win the Western Conference (risk $ 100 to win $ 145, or anything in that proportion), with the Lakers at +155 . The Clippers are +240 and the Lakers +260 to win the NBA championship.

– In college basketball, USC is 300-1 and UCLA 1000-1 in Circa to win the national championship. In the NHL, the Kings and Ducks have 100-1 to win the Western Conference and 200-1 to capture the Stanley Cup.

Jeff Fogle writes for VSiN, the sports betting network.


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