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Makro holds a successful formula at the Sho Huai Market to help community retailers

Date 03 Jun 2022 time 16:08

Makro organizes a big event “The 12th Shohuay Market Fair” strengthens small retailers to fight the crisis with rising costs Guiding ways to survive and prosper with 3 successful formulas, raising the level of community stores to grow in every situation.

Mrs. Siriporn Dejsingh Deputy Chief Executive Officer Department of Corporate Communications, Siam Makro Public Company Limited, said that at present, small retailers or grocery stores It is also an important foundation business for driving the country’s economy. because it has the largest number of market share in the retail business Importantly, it is the center of the community that is close to customers. Available in all areas across the country Makro as a leader in wholesale and retail with a mission to support small retail businesses to grow Through the True Friendship Project, which has been initiated for more than 16 years, the 12th Shohuay Market is held between 2nd – 5th June under the concept of “Successful Recipe, Thai Sho Huai, Fighting Economic Disasters” to raise the level of Thai Shohuay. strong Ready to go through all crises It was honored by Mr. Poonpong Naiyanaphakorn, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce. presided over the opening ceremony

In the past 16 years, Makro has been working on the True Friendship Project. This allows us to learn and understand the needs of small retail shop operators or Sho sucks deeply From the past presenting the secret ‘8 Fundamentals and the Heart of Success’ that business owners must know, such as location – differences – stock – product selection – promotion – price and profit. – Store layout and arrangement – Shop decoration Makro present Develop the knowledge gained from the success of the members of the true friends. Combined with the use of technology to analyze it as a formula to make it easier for merchants to adopt, it is called the 3 approaches of capacity development. By still sticking to the core principle is to reduce costs and increase revenue.

For 3 formulas for success that small entrepreneurs have the opportunity to compete, consisting of

– Smart Shohuay Success Formula from the original shop More ideas for extra income Apply innovative technology and modern management such as POS systems to help with management. In-store stock Vending machines that make money even when the store is closed, such as coffee machines coin washing machine

– Success Formula, True Friends, Community focus on development Increase the potential of a grocery store in the form of a trade alliance with 3 main components 1. Management knowledge gathered from the success of members of true friends. 2. Add a variety of products and services to meet the needs of shop owners and customers in the community, such as community kitchens, community cafes (automatic coffee machines) 3. Adopt technology POS intelligent store management system to enhance efficiency

– Buddy Mart Success Formula A new retail store as a partnership. Emphasis on increasing efficiency, increasing revenue, increasing profits, allowing the store to grow with the community in a sustainable way. Elevate your grocery store with the best management system. by using technology and databases to meet the needs of customers in the community exactly

Ms. Siriporn said that at present, more than 406,200 shoddy business people (Department of Business Development) face many challenges, such as changing customer behavior. The fierce competition of small retail businesses. Online market that comes in every rhythm of life not counting the original problem such as the lack of new generations to inherit the business Lack of management knowledge In order to be a vile chain that can survive and prosper sustainably, it has to “adapt”.

“Makro is still working with the Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce In order to continuously develop the capability for Shohuay entrepreneurs Our goal is Being a partner by the side of Thai Shohuay, small businesses that play an important role in driving the country’s fundamental economy to grow create sustainable income and stability for Thai people in every community,” said Ms. Siriporn.