Malaise in French athletics: the Federation seeks to defuse the crisis


Invited to present his balance sheet, Patrice Gergès, the National Technical Director, spoke this Friday morning before the members of the steering committee of the French Athletics Federation (FFA). He spoke of his method, his vision and at the turn of a sentence "the anonymous call" he says he received where there was talk of "threats to his physical integrity". No complaints have been lodged, the remarks only commit the DTN, but that says a lot about the unhealthy climate that has reigned for some time within the FFA.

"This one lived 24 hours difficult," sums up a close. And for good reason, Tuesday, while the team of France was reviving in Saint-Malo, the scandal Ophelie Claude-Boxberger broke out. A positive control of the EPO which intervened a few months after the supposed flight of Clemence Calvin during an internship in Marrakech and the putting in question of Morhad Amdouni by a German television channel.

Convicted or invited, according to the versions, by the Minister of sports, André Giraud, the president of the FFA, stalled all day Thursday. Roxana Maracineanu asked for a clear emergency plan and an organization to get out of the doldrums. In the conversation, the situations, in particular, of Patrice Gergès and Mehdi Baala were mentioned.

Nobody punches on the table

A few hours later, the president thought to get out of the device, changed his mind several times and finally … everyone stays in place. Only one of the 35 members of the steering committee voted against the motion of support to the president, which shows that nobody is punching the table and suggests that André Giraud will be easily reelected for 4 years in 2020.

So we turn the page of torment without daring to face what undermines the blue house, and it sinks a little more in the mess with this letter from Dr. Serra (questioned in the case Boxberger). He claims his innocence and points to his bad relationship with the DTN. Before concluding by mentioning his detractors. "Perhaps if they do not lack the courage, they will be able to withdraw in time to avoid a few more waves in the current tsunami that has just begun. Atmosphere.


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