Malambo Hospital: “Mayor of Malambo delays reinstatement of Camargo to the hospital”: lawyer | Barranquilla

Lawyer Alfonso Camerano, defense of the bacteriologist Emily Camargo, indicated that the mayor of Malambo, Rumenigge Monsalve, “Mocks” justice by issuing a new decree appointing Camargo as manager of the local hospital without complying with what was ordered by the First Promiscuous Municipal Court of Malambo de suspend decree 112 of June 4, 2021 in which the alleged resignation of Camargo is accepted.

Camerano indicated that the president seeks to delay the execution of the court order. “It is an absolute perversity that this official has because the judge is clear in the order of the provisional measure: decree 112 must be suspended, she already has an appointment decree from the previous year. “

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He added that “the mayor wants Camargo to pay taxes with the new possession and to go to the Office of the Chief of Personnel where precisely pressured to sign a formal resignation at the time of taking possession“.

Recently Camargo, who has also been indicated by contracts for the provision of services that are allegedly irregular, filed a criminal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against the local president for disregarding the court order.

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