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Police have made a false accusation against Dartavius ​​Barnes, who lost his daughter last year. On suspicion of smuggling intoxicants in a small bottle in his possession, Barnes was dragged away by police and handcuffed to a police vehicle. But the gold-colored little bottle in Barnes’ possession was not an intoxicating substance, but the ashes of his own daughter.

The latest reports indicate that Barnes is preparing for legal action against police officers for insulting his daughter’s ashes. Video footage of the unfortunate incident, which took place in Springfield, Missouri in April 2020, was captured on camera attached to the body of one of the police officers.

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In the video footage, an officer is seen standing with a bottle found in his father’s car. “At first I thought he was in possession of heroin, but later I thought it was cocaine, but it looks like it’s meth or ecstasy,” he told his colleague in the video.

Moments later, another police officer was seen driving Barnes near a police vehicle. The police officer informed Barnes that methamphetamine or ecstasy had been found in his car. Confused Barnes asks police officers what you are talking about. Then, the officers showed Bonnie this bottle.

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“No, no, that’s my daughter. What are you doing? Give it back to me. That’s my daughter. My daughter is in it. Please give my daughter back to me,” Barnes says later in the video. The video also shows Barnes screaming while sitting in the back of a police car while police officers discuss what happened.

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It was later revealed that the small bottle contained the ashes of Bonz’s daughter, Ta’naja Bonz. Barnes’ daughter died in 2019. Barnes is preparing to take legal action against officials involved in the incident and Springfield City officials. But police officials are denying the charges against them. The video of the incident has now gone viral on social media.

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First published:May 24, 2021 at 4:53 PM IS