Malaysia Will Return Lockdown, Covid-19 Positive Cases Surge

Illustration of medical staff examining the condition of the patient in the isolation room when simulating the treatment of a corona virus positive patient. (Source: KOMPAS.COM)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS. TV – The Malaysian government plans to re-implement the lockdown policy if new cases of the corona virus (Covid-19) surge to 100 patients per day.

Reporting from The Strait Times, Malaysian authorities have now allowed business back in the country. However, the implementation of health protocols during this phase is still being carried out, such as checking temperature and recording visits. Since the economy has resumed, the positive case of Covid-19 in Malaysia has actually increased in the past week.

If it reaches three digits, we have no choice but to reintroduce the MCO (move to enforce recovery). We will see later, “said Malaysian Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Sunday (26/7/2020).

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In the last four days, Malaysia recorded up to 23 new corona cases on Saturday (7/25/2020), 21 cases on Friday (24/7/2020), 9 cases on Thursday (7/23/2020), and 16 cases on Wednesday (7/22/2020).

The discovery of this new case came after the Ministry of Health had announced zero new corona cases on July 1 for the first time since March.

Ismail said one factor in the recent soaring Covid-19 case was that people had forgotten about the threat of corona and health protocols to prevent transmission.


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