Malcolm X’s daughter found dead in New York apartment

Malikah Shabazz (seated in the middle) was one of six daughters of Malcolm X. The photo is from 1997. (Archive image: Keystone)


A daughter of US civil rights activist Malcolm X, who was shot in 1965, has been found dead in her New York apartment. She probably died of natural causes.

According to initial findings, Malikah Shabazz died of natural causes at the age of 56, the New York police said on Tuesday.

There are no indications of outside influence. Shabazz’s daughter found her mother in her apartment in Brooklyn and called the police. Shabazz was one of six daughters of Malcolm X, born together with twin sister Malaak in 1965 shortly after their father’s death.

The convictions of two men convicted in connection with the murder of Malcolm X had only been overturned last week. Previously, an almost two-year investigation had come to the conclusion that the convictions against the accused could not be upheld due to, among other things, contradicting witness statements and a lack of evidence.

The guilty verdict of a third man who confessed to the murder at the time remains. Malcolm X was shot dead in New York in February 1965.