" Egocentric, unrestrained, defiant and cunningIt does not repress its aggressive impulses and acts without control until it threatens human life. He mobilizes a deep resentment and unloads his frustrations through brutal attacks full of hatred. " This is the psychological profile of the Venezuelan hit man Edison Agustín Barrera (23), alias' Catire', A skill that yields a result similar to that of other juvenile killers in our country such as' Gringasho'. And the fact is that drugs, the use of weapons and commissioned crimes are part of a reality that affects the entire continent.

This was pointed out by the social psychologist Federico Tong, expert in security issues, who added that these are the cases of young boys, mostly from dysfunctional families, who grew up in the middle of violence in their homes and surrounded by criminal gangs.

"The hit men emerge as a need for organized crime. It is not a behavior that arises from conflicts in adolescence. These guys, generally, come from criminal families, who for generations – parents, grandparents and uncles – have been involved in illegal acts, "he said.

"The assassins of Latin America They share the same profile, they start at very early ages. 'Gringasho'He is an example, he started at 10 years old carrying a weapon. After being trained, he went to shoot a pregnant woman. It's a common profile, but it differentiates the degree of danger, "Tong said. Peru What there is not is a policy of prevention and attention to all those adolescents who are in the busiest neighborhoods. Unfortunately, in those areas there are no educational programs for these young people. "

The case of 'Catire' is another story of violence that he seems to be proud of, as revealed by the forensic psychology exam that was practiced in Dirincri and to which Peru21 he had access.

The document begins with the description of his attitude in the interview: "He is relaxed, leans back in the chair and at times leans his forehead on the desk. Use a moderate tone of voice and move the right leg constantly. "

The assassin counted – with total coldness – that an event that marked him was the murder of his 9-year-old brother. He said that at age 14 he was taken to jail for killing his brother's killer. Then he ran away and at 18 he was captured again for another homicide.

The experts concluded that 'Catire' "shows difficulty in regulating his aggressive and sexual impulses, mobilizes a deep resentment and unloads his frustrations through brutal attacks full of hatred". However, "it impresses with an average normal intellectual efficiency level".

* The Police has an audio that warns that the gang of 'Catire' was going to steal a rifle from a patrol car in Independencia. This to then commit the assault on the bank in Callao. 

* 'Catire' got tattoos from a very young age that, according to the psychologist Federico Tong, are part of the aesthetics of violence and the glorification of death.



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