Male Cast Spreads Fun Video of Garut Girl, RM’s Lover Hurts To Be Matched With Another Man

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Graha Adi Sucipto (22) or Adi parses a shocking confession after causing a stir in Garut residents.

Adi is desperate to share an exciting video of himself with his lover, RM (19).

RM, the female actor in the exciting video, is apparently quite well known to the public.

Besides being known as a Celebgram and TikTok artist, the woman from Garut turns out to be a dangdut singer.

After the exciting video with RM spreads on the timeline, Adi is a fugitive.

But not long after, Adi was caught by the police.

Quoted from the West Java Tribune, Adi was arrested by the Garut Police Police on Monday (22/11/2021).

“AS (Adi) was successfully arrested in the Pondok Gede area, Bekasi,” said Garut Police Chief AKBP Wirdhanto Hadicaksono, Monday (22/11/2021).

Adi’s arrest was made after his party received a report from RM as a victim whose Instagram account was used by the perpetrator to spread the video.

The perpetrator is known to have produced the video in mid-2021.