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Male fertility: high dose ibuprofen is said to be harmful to men

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According to an American study, taking high-dose ibuprofen has a negative impact on male fertility.

“Be careful with the sustained intake of ibuprofen in humans”, such is the conclusion of French researchers from Inserm and Denmark who carried out a study on this drug.

Severe endocrine disrupting effects

Ibuprofen, an over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is popular with many athletes in particular as a pain reliever. The researchers therefore analyzed the effects of this drug on 31 athletes, aged 18 to 35 years. 14 of them took ibuprofen daily and 17 a placebo.

Result: “Prolonged intake of large doses of ibuprofen (1200 mg / day for six weeks) exerts severe endocrine disrupting effects in young men leading to a condition called ‘compensated hypogonadism’,” the researchers said in a statement. of Inserm.

Compensated hypogonadism is a disruption in the functioning of the testes.

A study with limited results

Obviously, few men take such doses of Ibuprofen. “The goal is not to alarm the population. It is to say that young men, who take a lot of ibuprofen over long periods, deserve to know that it causes hormonal imbalances ”, explained to AFP Bernard Jégou, of Inserm, who considers that he It would now be necessary “to carry out studies to find out if these effects start at lower doses, which would be annoying, and what effect they would have on fertility”.





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