Małgorzata Telmińska TVN24 leaves no vision goodbye

Telmińska on TVN24 most often prepared live reports on social, less political, topics. She specialized in medical and healthy lifestyle.

She sent a farewell e-mail on Monday afternoon. – It is impossible to hide – it will be a farewell e-mail. Not too long; let’s say news. After many, many years, I would like to thank everyone I met on my way on TVN24. First of all, the best team of Reporters and Reporters in the world and the boss. I would like to thank the publishers and publishers, presenters and presenters, producers and producers, editors and editors, operators, sound technicians and editors, make-up artists and makeup artists. All without exception: those who are seen and not seen, and without whom there is no television, wrote Telmińska.

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“I am proud that I saw the power of TVN24 building”

She further revealed that she would soon start working elsewhere. – I am proud that I had the chance to meet you, I am proud that I had the chance to see how the power of TVN24 was building. I am embarking on a different, new journey, but I will always think warmly about you and the years spent at Wiertnicza. With all my heart, I wish you Freedom: that you can always do what you love and love who you want! Take care of yourself. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and always cheer you on. Kisses! Hug! Telmi – you can read in the message to the associates of the outgoing reporter.

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Telmińska in an interview with does not want to comment on the reasons for her departure. She revealed that she was on vacation for the time being. As we found out, an unofficial reporter since 2001, she leaves the media.

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We recently informed that Patryk Rabiega, a former reporter of the Polska i Świat magazine, previously associated with TVN’s “Fakt”, where he worked as a researcher and journalist (“Fakty Online”), is leaving the TVN24 editorial office. He was associated with the TVN Group for 15 years. – Man comes to such a point in life that he needs a change. I want to prove myself in something else, in something that so far I have lacked the courage to do – said the journalist. He has not yet disclosed any further career plans.

At the end of last year The team of TVN24 reporters from Warsaw was joined by Artur Molęda, who came from Polsat News. In March, the station hired a new reporter in Szczecin – Bartosz Bartkowiak.

According to Nielsen’s data, in May this year. TVN24 was the leader among news channels with 5.45 percent. audience share.