Mali: A big demonstration for the total withdrawal of French troops

In Bamako, Mali, hundreds of demonstrators demanded the total withdrawal of French troops from the country. Friday in the Malian capital, the political group “Yerewolo – Standing on the ramparts” organized a rally.

This demonstration comes about ten days after the announcement of the partial withdrawal of French soldiers on the spot, while Mali has been trying to contain an extremist insurgency since 2012. “I would be so happy, like in a party, if France left Mali today. Really. Since we entrusted them with our security, everything has become worse ”, said Bakary Coulibaly, resident of the neighborhood.

The rally takes place hours after 12 German soldiers were injured in an attack targeting MINUSMA soldiers.

“There are wounded Germans, it saddened us because Germany here is not seen as an occupying force. But they are manipulated by the French, in fact. Germany came here with good intentions to protect us from terrorists, but today they find themselves in the Machiavellian plans of France ”, revealed Pape Diallo, spokesperson for the protest platform ”Yerewolo – Debout sur Les Remparts“.

Mistrust of France is palpable and some demonstrators, waving the Russian flag, do not fail to show their support for greater cooperation between Mali and shapeless Russia. Africanews.