News Now Dubai – United Arab Emirates – (Agencies) A spokesman for the Arab Alliance for the support of legitimacy in Yemen, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, that the militia Houthi disrupt the entry of a ship carrying oil derivatives to the port of Hodeidah two weeks ago. Maliki confirmed the issuance of 6 permits for ships destined for Yemeni ports during the past two days, pointing out the presence of three ships in the port of Hodeidah to unload their cargoes and 3 ships outside the port. In the latest developments in the field, the Yemeni Legitimate Forces, backed by the Arab Alliance, released Friday the Al-Sabah mountain range near the center of the Baqam Directorate in Saada after heavy fighting with the Houthi coup. “The operations are continuing from the early hours of Friday morning, and will not stop until all their objectives are achieved,” said Brigadier General Diab al-Qabli, commander of the 143rd Brigade. “We appreciate the role of the Arab coalition forces in supporting the army during the operations. The National Army forces in the front achieved, on Thursday, significant field progress beyond the iron gates area of ​​the western direction of the center of Baqem Directorate. The Commander of the 63rd Infantry Brigade Commander Brigadier General Yasser Majali, that “the forces of the brigade with the support of the Arab coalition forces took control of large areas and became on the outskirts of al-Zamah, after the liberation of Tuba Alkuz and valleys and surrounding reefs.” He added that “the battles resulted in the death of one of the most prominent coup leaders with his companions and wounded dozens while the rest fled, while the army recovered quantities of medium and light weapons.
Brigadier Majali pointed out that “the national army forces are engaged in fierce battles amid difficult geographical conditions and volatile weather, but they overcame them, bypassing the lines of militias who suffered heavy losses.” Read also The Ministry of Culture of Yemen receives a list of its lost effects to the United Nations


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