Mallorca Lawyer and his 28-year career advising the most important companies on the islands

The Mallorca Lawyer firm announced the incorporation of new specialties in its legal services, which have made them stand out for almost 30 years advising the most prestigious companies in their area. The information was made public by Daniel Martínez Raso, one of the partners and current director of this firm located in Palma de Mallorca.

This firm of legal professionals has had an interesting track record providing advice on International Trade, Exports, Imports, Sales and International Distribution, according to Martínez Raso, keeping itself constantly updated on the legislative and social changes that have been taking place in Spain.

More specialties and new areas of work

Mallorca Lawyer has recently added to its portfolio of services the specialties of Labor Law, Criminal Law, Immigration and Matrimonial Law, to respond to the needs transferred by its clients-company, this time in its dimension of individuals who also demand these services characterized by professionalism, agility and closeness. They have also used their experience to provide Medical Malpractice assistance as they have become specialists in patient malpractice claims.

In total they are half a dozen specialties in which this office is currently working. Therefore, they are the convenient advice to support in each area of ​​people’s lives and activities. Raso ensures that they act regardless of the amount involved in the lawsuit or the seriousness of the crime. The main axis of his work will always be people.

In each of the specialties, this firm, which opened its doors in 1993, has been working hard for years to be able to cover dozens of practice areas. According to Raso, this has allowed them to accumulate an excellent record of good results for their clients throughout this time. Proof of this, he says, is the large number of favorable sentences they have had in the different courts of Mallorca.

New ways of working

One of the objectives that the firm has set for this new year is to strengthen its services and grow in other provincial capitals. Although the main headquarters will continue to be in Mallorca, the idea is to close collaboration agreements with lawyers in other parts of the national geography. The objective is to be closer to the people who work for its clients-company, which due to the expansion of their work centers are not only found in Palma de Mallorca.

Until this geographical growth is effective, Mallorca Lawyer will attend to those interested through the internet, for which it has opened new remote communication channels. In addition to their telephone numbers and instant messaging platforms, they have activated on their website a landing page in which people can leave their data and the reason for their query.

In addition, the remote connection will allow users to follow up on their case and even make payments without having to go to the office in person. It is no longer just about having a trustworthy expert lawyer in Palma de Mallorca, it means, according to Raso, that people feel that they have a legal department at their service anywhere in Spain.