Mallorca will charge 43 million for television despite the pandemic

Of the little more than six million euros that the club has collected in Second for television rights, it would go to an amount that would range between 43 and 46 million.

The criteria used by the LFP for the distribution of money are based on different factors. In addition to the position, a third corresponds to social implantation, which includes both attendance at stadiums (subscribers and average ticket sales in recent seasons) and television audience. Another two thirds for the participation in the generation of resources by the commercialization of the television broadcasts by comparing the average audiences of each club in each year.

Only in First can an adventure like the one undertaken by Robert Sarver be profitable. In the season of relegation to Second B, a liability of 4,374 million euros was added. In the third category of Spanish football they also exceeded four million. For the season that ends next Sunday in Ponferrada, the losses will be around five million, affected by the absence of public at the Visit Mallorca Estadi.

90% of television revenues are assigned to LaLiga Santander clubs, while the remaining 10% goes to the silver category. Of this amount, 50% is distributed equally among all First Division teams, while the rest varies according to the classification of the last five championships. These are gross amounts, since the amount finally charged by Mallorca will have to be subtracted 7% of the total, which First and Second clubs are obliged to allocate to the compensation fund for descendants (3.5%), the promotion of LaLiga (1%), the Federation (1%) and the payment of Social Security fees for minority sports (1%).

Tax agency

The Tax Agency will be the great beneficiary of Real Mallorca’s promotion to the First Division. The fact of having risen to the highest category will allow the club to pay more quickly the around ten million euros that is owed to the treasury. This season it has been possible to reduce the debt by one and a half million, approximately. From the club they believe that if stability is achieved over time in the First Division, in two or three seasons the debt with the only creditor will be settled.

Since Sarver landed in Mallorca together with today’s president Andy Kohlberg and former NBA star Steve Nash – since November 13 last year outside the Board of Directors – in January 2016, he has contributed 50 million euros. The North American tycoon entered the club paying 21 million. On November 14, 2016, he injected eight million more. On November 7, 2017, it made an increase of another 10 million, a contribution that served to meet the last payment, of 6 million, to the creditors of the bankruptcy. Already in April 2019, Sarver again contributed another three million, and in October of last year, nine more. A contribution that, a priori, must be stopped with the promotion to First and with what the club will receive for television rights.

The squad will return to work on July 5

The Real Mallorca squad The preseason of the 2021-22 campaign will begin on Monday, July 5, after the players have enjoyed 35 days vacation. This is the only data that has transpired from a preseason that, logically, is still to be defined. From where they will carry out the preseason to the number of preparation games. Players will have about forty days to prepare for their return to Primera as the League will begin on the weekend of August 14-15.



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