Malta helps migrants to reach Lampedusa, Salvini: «Another hostile act»

After the Claviere case, another initiative taken without the knowledge of our country towards migrants is destined to exacerbate the tense relations between Italy and Europe. According to sources of the Viminale, the Maltese Coast Guard intercepted a boat with 13 immigrants on board: instead of taking it safely to its territory, it provided the crew with a compass to indicate the route to Italy. Then he gave water, two cans of gasoline and life jackets branded "Mecca Marine", a Maltese company that also produces the uniforms of the Marina de Valletta. The boat with 13 people then arrived in Lampedusa, where the immigrants (ten Tunisians and three of the Horn of Africa, in the group there are two women) told the story.

Testimonials under scrutiny by investigators

The life-jacket recovered on board
The life-jacket recovered on board

There are indications that, according to the investigators, they make the testimonies credible. The boat, arrived on the morning of Friday, November 9th in Sicily, had been sighted the night before by an aircraft of the Guardia di Finanza in Maltese waters. Between 21 and 22, in fact, the boat from Tunisia had finished the fuel: only after a few hours, around 4 and thanks to the Italian signal, the Maltese had intervened. A ship had stopped a hundred yards from the drifting boat, starting a raft. On board some people who, according to the stories of the Africans, had uniforms like those of the coastguard of Valletta.

Italy under attack

After filling the tank, the boat had been escorted to Italy for at least an hour of navigation. Moreover, the jackets of Mecca Marine were given by the Maltese also to the immigrants who then boarded the Diciotti on August 15th. Too many clues make us believe we are facing a real hostile act by another EU country: after what has emerged in Claviere in recent weeks, there is the feeling that Italy is under attack. Some EU member states are not interested in immigrants and they are trimmed by them, while Brussels threatens us with sanctions for the maneuver: we will not be intimidated, explains Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

10 November 2018 | 09:28



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