Maluma’s Amazing Physical Transformation: From Health Struggles to Fitness Inspiration

    Maluma, oh Maluma, the ‘Pretty Boy Baby…’ How it has changed over the years, we could say that it is similar to good wine and its most popular cliché… over the years, it improves. His physical transformation is amazingthe Colombian singer confirms that although “he has not been in his best moments or in not very favorable moments” according to his words, the attitude and effort to change his physical condition is what has led him to be his new version.

    Maluma faced his health problems

    The life of the Colombian artist has gone through moments of ups and downs in terms of his health since, after some health problems that led him to undergo surgeryhe had to take a break professionally and make a radical change in his physical state of health. With this as an example of his past failures, Maluma publishes on his social networks how his change has been, his before and after and above all and most importantly, how proud you feel for giving your health a 360º turn.

    Maluma thanks “all the people who have helped him in this process of change” through this publication on his personal Instagram account, He also wants to support and serve as an example of improvement For all those fans who are going through a similar moment, who decide to change and take the reins of their lives and overcome the adversities they want to change.

    Maluma warns: “I told them that ⭐️DON JUAN⭐️ is coming and that they were going to see me like never before”

    Don Juan does not set limits, he does not want to give up in this process, wanting to fight to become his best version. His goals are well defined, just like his six pack -he wants to destroy his bad habits from the past and focus on a healthy life and fitness style-. In fact, we have already been able to see him sweat the fat drop on some previous posts on Instagramwithout babbling about it and totally determined to achieve his physical change, although as he himself says this is only the beginning of what will come.


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2023-06-03 19:53:18

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