Man (28) films himself twerking – then he strangles the elderly woman

A gruesome murder shakes London: Two men trick an elderly woman into making a business deal, kill her and record tacky videos in her home.

Just before he kills her, a takeaway delivery man is still twerking on her property. – Youtube


the essentials in brief

  • Two men have been convicted of murdering a woman in London.
  • Before her death, they persuaded the elderly woman to give them access to her assets.
  • After that, they strangled her and took over her house, where they filmed Tiktok videos.

In the summer of 2021, a chef and a takeaway delivery man killed a 71-year-old woman at her home in London. Now they have been convicted.

The case caused a great deal of media attention. Before the murder, one of the perpetrators cheerfully posted videos of himself on social media – from his victim’s house. In the clips, he can be seen dancing with his model girlfriend and twerking in the elderly woman’s driveway.

Before the murder, 25-year-old Kusai Al-Jundi led the woman into believing he wanted to do business with her. So he tried to convince his victim to give him access to her assets.

Elderly woman strangled with cord

Al-Jundi tells the elderly woman that she has a wealthy friend who is buying the property for £4.6million. The money should pay off a mortgage and buy a house for her sons. Meanwhile, Al-Jundi’s accomplice, delivery driver Mohamed El-Abboud, moves into the woman’s house.

The two accomplices put the woman’s body in a garbage can, hoping it would end up in the landfill.
Shortly before, El-Abboud was still dancing with his girlfriend on their property.
The perpetrators had tried to rob their 71-year-old victim of their assets with a business deal.

Chef Al-Jundi promises El-Abboud, who works at the same restaurant, a hefty reward if he kills her. A little later she is dead.

When the elderly woman arrives at her home for an alleged business meeting, she is attacked. El-Abboud strangles her with a cord, wraps her body in a duvet, and throws it in a garbage can.

Killer films dance videos in his victim’s house

Later, the fraudster Al-Jundi has the bin picked up and taken to his house. From there it should have been taken to the landfill. But the police find the body before that happens – it quickly becomes clear who killed the woman.

Particularly brazen: Just a few days before the murder, 28-year-old El-Abboud films dance videos on the woman’s property and posts them. The clips show him dancing with his model girlfriend and twerking in the driveway.

Both Al-Jundi and El-Abboud now face life in prison. They were each sentenced to at least 35 years in prison.

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