Man (30) squashed in elevator of expensive New York apartment

The accident happened in a chic Manhattan apartment complex and was recorded by a security camera, according to a source.

The surveillance footage shows two people getting out of the elevator. After that, the doors start to close and the elevator starts moving again, Fox News writes.

Keep the lift door open

The victim tries to hold the elevator door open and quickly get out, but gets stuck. The lift then stops between floors. The man died on the spot, according to the emergency services.

Firefighters got three more people out of the cabin. They appeared to be unharmed.


The managers of the apartment building had already been fined in May because one of the elevators was unsafe. A security system did not work at the time or was switched off. Residents say they were not informed about this and were still using the elevator.

There are tens of thousands of elevators in New York. Fatal accidents hardly occur.

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