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Home News Man bitten in possible shark attack on Florida beach

Man bitten in possible shark attack on Florida beach

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A man is recovering on Easter Sunday from a possible Haibiss on a beach in Florida.

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The incident occurred around 17:30. in Jacksonville Beach near the entrance to 30th Avenue South.

Max Ervanian, captain of the volunteer life-saving corps, told ActionNewsJax that the man was bitten by the leg and is likely to survive after being taken to a local hospital by the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department. The fire department of Jacksonville Beach was also on site.

Ervanian said that they described the incident as a "potential Haibiss" because a lifeguard did not see the bite and could not confirm that a shark was responsible for the injury.

The mayor of Jacksonville Beach, Charlie Latham, said the man was not in town.

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"I'm surprised, it's crazy," said local surfer Kaya Olszewski. "We heard sirens and were really confused because we had never seen the Coast Guard come down because of medical interventions – especially on the beach."

While the investigators have not confirmed whether it is a shark attack, ActionNewsJax has more closely examined the number of shark attacks in the Jacksonville area over the years.

The University of Florida's International Shark File tracks unprovoked shark attacks dating from 1882.

St. Johns County is in fourth place with 42 confirmed attacks, and Duval County is in fifth place with 40.

Olszewski said she never really feared a dreaded shark attack while surfing, but that may have changed today.

"Now that it's happened, maybe I'm a bit more conscious or a bit more scared when I go into the water," Olszewski said. "I hope he's fine."

There were no closures on the beach after the bite.



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