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Man buys Mercedes and discovers in the vehicle registration name Oliver Kahn

Munich –

Peter Atkins is a car dealer in Munich. As such, he always comes across real gems that can become good business.

Recently, Atkins bought a black Mercedes E 200 Coupe on a purchase tour. As he glanced at the license plate, he became curious.

Mercedes belongs to a Bayern legend

"KA-HN 560" stood there. That's not … Atkins checked the vehicle registration. A certain Oliver Kahn was registered there as a first owner. Date of birth: 15.06.1969.

Atkins' pulse must have shot up. Atkins checked the date of birth on the Internet.

And indeed: "Titan" Oliver Kahn – Bayern legend, European champion and three-time world goalkeeper – had registered the Mercedes in 1995 in his hometown Karlsruhe.

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Mercedes coupe is "top" in good shape

"I was really happy," Atkins told Mercury. "A real Oliver Kahn – what a coincidence!"

Despite its 232,000 kilometers of mileage, the classic car is still "in top shape," assures Atkins. He had no scratches, only the bag of the gear shift was a bit taken.

As great as the joy over the find is, the 48-year-old will not keep the car himself. Because: "Who trades in cars, must be able to separate – albeit with a heavy heart."

Peter Atkins hopes for 10,000 euros for Oliver Kahn's Mercedes

In Wasserburg am Inn the coupe is now for sale. "If the Mercedes was not a real boat, I would have sold it for 8600 euros," says Atkins. So he hopes now on a revenue of around 10,000 euros.

Should a bid crack the mark of 20,000 euros, the car dealer wants to donate 5 percent of the proceeds to a non-profit organization.

On top of that there would be a signed autograph card by Oli Kahn.




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