A man in southern Louisiana faces charges of hate crime after telling a teenager he "returns to Mexico" in a boot shop before attacking his parents, police said.

Robert Ray, 60, of Donaldsonville, approached the 19-year-old girl inside the store and made the comment, the Gonzales Police Department said.

When Salomé Martínez, the girl's mother, responded to Ray that "it was not good to say that," the man knocked her down on the floor, according to the police. When the father of the teenager, Alfredo Buitureira, interceded, Ray hit him with his fist and with a boot.

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Ray also received two counts of first degree assault and damage to private property. He is incarcerated and it is not known if he has been given bail or if he has a lawyer.

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Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson said in a press release that he will not tolerate behaviors like Ray's toward the Hispanic family.

"Not in my city and not in my view, the City of Gonzales Police Department will not tolerate actions against people based on their race, age, gender, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or descent, "Jackson said.

With information from The Associated Press.



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