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Man forced to watch as Jack Russell was killed by a brutal dog who was trained to kill, & # 39; ripped like a doll & # 39; has been

A man was forced to watch his dog "shake like a rag doll" after being dressed by a violent dog trained to kill.

Ferdinand, a six-year-old Jack Russell, also known as Ferdy, was led by his owner Dariusz, 49, on Thursday around 8:00 pm in Essex when a man approached them.

Dariusz & # 39; daughter Paulina Asmus, a 21-year-old student in accounting and finance, told Metro.co.uk: "I was at university but wanted to go home the next day.

Ferdy was attacked when he was run by his owner (Image: Paulina Asmus)

"When I tried to get through to my mother through face time, she obviously was very scared and kept saying," The dog was attacked! "

"Ferdy is like another family member, I can not tell you how important he is to us.

Little Riley Richardson being treated at the hospital for a rare condition that requires him to be repeatedly brought back from the brink of death. See SWNS story SWLEbaby; A mother has told how her brave little son is repeatedly brought back by doctors before death - as he fights a rare, rare disease that baffled doctors. Only two months old, Riley Richardson has an undiagnosed condition that left him in hospital all his life. Brave Riley has spent most of his life working on a ventilator at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, while doctors are trying to figure out what he's suffering from. He has been tested for the extremely rare congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS), which affects only 1,000 people worldwide.Baby was repeatedly brought back from death due to riddles

My dad went for a walk in the park opposite our house, you can actually see it from my bedroom window, it's so close.

"When he was walking with Ferdy, oh the leash, he was approached by a man we had seen before and whom we thought was a pit bull dog at the age of 20.

"Ferdy never barks, he's the calmest man you've ever met, but he started to growl and that automatically got my father to be on guard.

He and his owner Dariusz were attacked by six men who had kidnapped Ferdy and thrown him from another dog (Photo: Paulina Asmus)

"If Ferdy barks, there's a reason, he never does it for no reason."

Dariusz tried to turn around and go home, but out of nowhere, another five men, all in their twenties, showed up and attacked him forcibly.

Image: Luke Jerram METROGRAB HAS NO RESPONSE ANSWER NOTE: It is said that he will send the hires to whomever by simply asking. So we made the call to use them until we get the versions of the staffMassive earth in the main entrance of the Natural History Museum

Paulina said, "They pushed my dad down a hill to kill him and rip Ferdy out of his hands. When he could get up, it was too late.

"The boys had the two dogs surrounded and Ferdy was shaken like a toy at his neck.

"My dad tried to help, but these guys threatened and kicked him."

Normally loving Ferdy did not want his own owners to touch him because he was in such great pain. (Image: Paulina Asmus)

Paulina says she fears there might be an organized dog fighting group in Essex, as the attack seemed organized and the attackers filmed it.

It only stopped when a woman, who seemed to be in her forties, came to her and asked her what she would do.

Police activity outside Clapham South tube station after a 17-year-old boy was fatally wounded. PRESS ASSOCIATION photo. Image Date: Friday, November 2, 2018. See PA Story POLICE Clapham. The image credits should read: David Wilcock / PA WireBoy, 17, stabbed in front of subway station in London's second murder in 24 hours

"The fighting dog let go of Ferdy only because he stopped breathing and became unconscious," Paulina said.

"When my parents came home with Ferdy, he was in so much pain that he did not even let his parents touch me.

They took him to an ambulance who said the dog knew exactly what he was doing when he hit his neck directly.

Paulina hopes that by sharing her family history, more people will become aware of it (Photo: Paulina Asmus)

'Ferdy's neck muscles were fully stretched, where he was so severely shaken by the other dog.

"We were so lucky that his trachea was not damaged, because once you get into such an area, you know what might have happened."

Police officers and a forensic investigator in Queens Head Road after two men are shot dead in Victoria Road, Handsworth Birmingham, at 8:15 pm on 11/11/18. The offender drove off in a car leaving a man with leg injuries and another with abdominal injuries. The latter requires an emergency operation.Bullet "went through a boy in another" in Birmingham with double shooting

Paulina shared her story on Facebook and said she had a "massive reaction" from people who reported the same thing.

She added, "It is so heartbreaking for us to go through, but I want to identify those people who did this to my dog.

"They did not try to break it, they just film it.

Fortunately, Ferdy is at home with his owners and on the way to recovery (Image: Paulina Asmus).

"I also think it's really important to point out that it's not the dogs that do it. It is the owners who trained their dog for it.

"I just hope that by sharing this story, something changes, you never know it could be a kid or another person being attacked next time."

Fortunately, Ferdy is now at home with his owners in safety and on the road to recovery.

A spokesman for the Essex police said, "We were called on Thursday, November 1, around 8:30 pm, with reports of an attack on a man in Brentwood.

More: United Kingdom

"A man and a woman took their dog for a walk on Wash Road in Hutton when another dog started attacking their dog.

"The owner of the dog tried to separate the dogs, but was stopped by about six men who allegedly kicked the victim.

Fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured, but the dog suffered serious injuries.

Witnesses or other individuals with information are requested to contact the Braintree Community Policing Team at 42/159814/18.

"Information may also be provided anonymously to independent charities Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at crimestoppers-uk.org/."

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