Man in West Jakarta tries to commit suicide after being in debt for IDR 90 million

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A young man who is in debt on an online loan (pinjol) try commit suicide by jumping from a balcony of Ruko A Raffles Belmont, Ex. Srengseng, Kembangan, West Jakarta, Sunday (21/11).

The Kembangan Police Chief, Kompol M Khoiri, said the suicide attempt was carried out by a man with the initials H (25) from a shop window located on the fourth floor, on Sunday (21/11) afternoon.

Khoiri explained that the incident began when H was with his friend Hari Anggara (23) on the fourth floor of the shophouse. The perpetrator suddenly handed his cellphone to Hari and immediately wanted to jump from the shop balcony.

“The perpetrator handed the cell phone to the witness, when the witness was about to go back down, suddenly the perpetrator was beside the window and was about to jump out of the window,” he explained when confirmed, Monday (22/11).

Seeing this, Hari then reported it to the head of the shop while persuading the victim not to take the action. The two then contacted the Kembangan Police and Firefighters to evacuate the perpetrators who were still standing outside the window.

“The perpetrator can then be persuaded and lifted again up the window by means of being tied with a rope from the firefighters,” he explained.

Regarding the motive for the attempted suicide, Khoiri said the perpetrator admitted that he had a loan amounting to Rp90 million. He said the person concerned had also tried his luck by gambling online to pay off his debts.

However, H never succeeded, while he was constantly terrorized by the loan collectors to pay immediately.

“The perpetrator wanted to find it instantly by gambling online slots but was never able to get it, so the person concerned was frustrated because he was often called on and terrorized by borrowed people,” he concluded.

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