Man is stopped on highway with 47 cats inside car

The vehicle in poor sanitary conditions and without air conditioning in the heat of 32ºC forced the apprehension of the cats

Harris County Police, located in southeastern Minnesota, United States, came across a bizarre scene during an approach carried out last Tuesday, 14, on an intercity highway.

A vehicle, in poor conditions of conservation and hygiene, was stopped with a man, who was driving the car, and an impressive 47 cats that accompanied him. The driver argued that, as a result of debt, he had lost his house and, having nowhere to live, began to roam around with the car and sleep in it.

However, he managed the 47 cats, which ranged from months of age to 12 years, in the house where he lived, having to put them in the vehicle so as not to abandon them. He added that he managed 61 kittens, but donated 14 to a regional animal advocacy organization shortly before he was stopped by police.


The vehicle, without air conditioning, faced a temperature of 32 degrees on the road, forcing agents to collect the animals. The man, in turn, showed no resistance and cooperated with the agents to place the animals in boxes for proper transport.

With the heat, he recognized that the situation was beyond what he was capable of at that moment. And he let us help them,” he said. Ashley Pudasfrom the Animal Humane Society, an entity that accompanied the police in the operation, as reported by the Extra newspaper.

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